Haymakers for Hope….How did I get here?

About 15 months ago, I left Epsilon and decided that after 30+ years of growing companies, it was time to take some time off.  (The fact that I had a non-compete didn’t leave me with much of a choice!).  Finding myself in this circumstance I handled it like most people my age would… I came up with a list of “non-work” things to focus on.

My list included spending a month skiing in Utah (great experience), improving my golf game (some progress but continues to be a lifelong challenge), learning to code again (logic came back pretty fast, syntax not so much, I am not sure if that’s an age thing or that the documentation is all online)

Of course, getting healthier was also prominent on my list.  I had religiously worked out over the prior 15 years, but after turning 50 I seemed to be getting slower and weaker every year.

Juli and I had recently moved into Boston from the suburbs and I joined Everybody Fights (EBF), ‪  George Forman’s gym in Southie. @everybodyfights

I had no interest or experience in boxing (apart from the occasional fraternity fight in college) but it was a cool gym and a great environment.  With the luxury of more time to  focus, I learned that improved fitness after 50 IS possible.  I lost weight and got stronger and faster. My awesome trainer, Lisa Healy, introduced me to some of the boxing trainers and boxers and they encouraged me to give it a try.

I thought it would be an interesting way to train and mix up my workouts.  I was right.  Boxing is the best way to get really fit. The combination of physical exertion and concentration required to get in the ring and fight is remarkable.

I work with Kevin Cobbs, (“The Bully”) a professional fighter who is now not only my trainer but also a friend. He and others from the EBF boxing community (Edwin Daniel FriasChris DaVeiga, Jess Cobbs and many others) have provided me with great insight and advice on boxing and fitness.

What I didn’t expect to find in this community of boxers, is that they are some of the most humble, thoughtful and purposeful people I have ever met. Developing friendships with them has been an unexpected benefit and great addition to my life.

Their perspective on life, how to set and commit to goals became influential as I refined my plans to renter the workforce last fall.

After being CEO of Epsilon, one of the largest marketing and advertising companies in the world, I had lots of interesting opportunities; however, I resisted the temptation to jump at the first high profile job that came along. Instead, I decided to think through what was truly best for me and my family at this point in my career and my life.  I still love data and marketing and have found a combination of roles (led by the great opportunity at Cybba) that allow me to do things I really enjoy.

Which brings us back to boxing and Haymakers for Hope


I felt that to fully experience the boxing culture, I actually had to fight in a real fight. The team at EBF introduced me to the Haymakers team.  Haymakers run amateur USA Boxing events in Boston, NYC and Denver to raise money to fight cancer (over $8,000,000 to date). I was lucky enough (I think) to be selected to fight in Boston on May 17th at the House of Blues.  Based on all of the Haymakers alumni I have met, the next four months promise to be an amazing experience.

Follow me on my blog https://frawleyhm4h.com, Twitter @AndyFrawleyCEO,  or Facebook, Andy Frawley where I will be updating my training progress.  Most importantly check out the fight page at https://www.haymakersforhope.org/events/52 to donate.  I hope to raise a bunch of money to #KOcancer so donate big to support the cause and also come to the fight on May 17th.

Thank you in advance for your support.


`#KOcancer #EBF #haymaker4hope

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